I have been an official EU evaluator since 2001, currently within the EU's Seventh Framework Programme. My work includes the evaluation of European project applications and the evaluation of currently running projects. In addition, I undertake the evaluation of national and international programmes, projects and process with a particular focus on gender and diversity management. My specialist fields are science and education/training, as well as for- and non-profit organizations active in development co-operation.

My specialist fields include:

  • Analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of measures and instruments within programmes, projects and processes,

  • The derivation of measures for change as well as the pinpointing of various approaches to assist the extension and development of programmes,

  • Evaluation of the efficiency of work and organization measures as well as revised work processes functioning as role models.

When undertaking evaluations I employ qualitative methods of data capture, such as observation, interviews, group discussions or individual case analysis based on a multi-level perspective. The primary emphasis is on the anchoring of individuals and structures.